Doctor Jensen Under Fire For Exposing America & Vaccine Evil Plan To Depopulate Africa

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3 years ago


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This man is a Hero
This is what you get when you go against the establishment
*People have realized that there is an organized medical mafia gang, doctors, pharma, vaccine manufacturers, hospitals, insurance companies* -- all of them scaring you into submission, dumbing you down, extorting you, and killing you slowly, for profit. Through control of the media and education, westerners have been taught that drugs and surgery are the only two medical options available to them when something goes wrong. *If drugs or surgery don’t work doctors will even come with a sad face saying “I’m sorry, there’s just nothing more we can do” and give patients a death sentence and of course astronomical bill for their "services rendered"* In medical schools, dental schools and these other professional training organizations and institutions it is a hazing process. *It is trauma based education at its worst. These interns are kept up for three nights in a row, purposely induced trauma.* Why? because under trauma based mind control people are broken down, they accept suggestions lot easier and repeated stress creates a programmed personality. So, when an intern is placed into highly stressful situation he will simply follow the dictates, previously established procedures of medical mafia, even if if it will cause a
patient to die. But, as long as intern follows the procedures, he will not be liable. Just follow the orders! And, then this programming is carried over when he becomes a doctor. Also, those interns will be given a superiority complex so when they become the doctors their title will make them feel like the gods that walk the earth. Of course, this is so evident with so many doctors. there is not profession that employs so many relatively incompetent people that feel so competent and "special" as with western doctors. So, you are a doctor now. You graduated the medical school with no education in nutrition, you graduated with no knowledge of holistic and natural healing, and you are ultimately a mind controlled manipulated slave of the medical mafia. And, this is not exaggeration. you are exactly that because they made you into that, so that you can serve them. And in that position all you can do is simply spout out the mainstream concept that healing involves chemical manipulation and intoxication. There’s no room whatsoever for the mind-body-spirit concept. There’s no room whatsoever for the health educational, behavior change, lifestyle modification, risk-reduction concept. You now leave the medical training, you engage in medical practice, you’ve got about $250,000 to 500,000 in bills and loans hanging over your head, you’ve got no time for the people. All you’ve got is a prescription pad and an education based on this whole manipulation....! *so, you are a doctor but you are a slave AND YOU HAVE TO OBEY THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU - western Medical Mafia.* They own you, they got you by the balls, so you have to protect the Medical Mafia narrative because, if you do not, they will yank your medical license and you are not even qualified to work at McDonald's flipping the burgers, even that requires some practical skills. *This is what Western medical system is -- Medical Mafia, they make you sick, they extort you and they keep killing you - for profit.