PANDEMIC TRUTH WARRIOR 41 Operation Lockstep ~ Rockefeller Plan for Martial Law Written in 2010

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4 years ago

Description the world must go for TRUTH and the SOLUTION!

Operation Lockstep ~ Rockefeller Plan for Martial Law Written in 2010
You can find all my communications [videos] also at Bitchute under "A Warrior Calls" should youtube remove which is occurring more frequently.

May my fellow man and woman hear said truths and be a light towards your understanding of WHO we all are.... and WHY the PUBLIC courthouse is our most powerful place for ANY man or woman to move court outside of a legal society before a jury of their peers [12 man /woman jury] and for a COMMON LAW GRAND JURY proceeding by their peers [25 man / woman jury] seated.

With all this chaos occurring in our world you must quiet your mind and know that this FEAR you are dealing with.... only exists because of a lack of knowledge.... i.... have shown the world the simple truth and solution it is up to the people to gather and learn further truths at our public courthouses.

Please note: Common Law has nothing to do with LEGAL.... LEGAL has nothing to do with a man or woman.... FACT.... only LAWFUL....

Learn the difference at once inside the site... our world right now depends on said truths found across my website brought into the light.... sharing and communicating said truths to others is all our duty .... so with love and respect it's time everyone helps each other wake up.... my site is not opinions it is all based on truth and said Operation Lockstep is just one of so many plans made against mankind yet here we are.... so what are you going to do about it?????