Dr. Reiner Füllmich ... update Nov 2020

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3 years ago


Interview of Reiner Fuellmich, one of the four key activists suing the government over the corona hoax: * Prof. Christian Drosten at a university hospital in Berlin was initially telling everyone the outbreak was no big deal, and then suddenly made a 180 and was the point man for getting the lockdown, masking, etc. * Lothar H. Wieler of the RKI (German CDC) was Drosten's partner in crime. * Then Tedros at the W.H.O., of course. * Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg (also a member of the Bundestag and The Council of Europe) was involved in the failed Ebola attempt to do what corona hoax is doing now, but has turned good guy. * Neil Ferguson of Imperial College, London, was the British point man, during Ebola AND now. Tied in with Ebola attempt as well...Ebola: which also turned out to be nothing more than the common flu, as with "Covid 19." * Lawyer Beate Bahner (female) is one of the good guys also pushing back against the hoax. She was arrested and put in a psych ward. She's out now. * Judiciary is now stepping in (following Austria's lead--which I bet involves Jane Burgermeister) and rolling back the extreme powers to lockdown claimed by apparatchiks. THAT COVERS THE FIRST HALF PRETTY WELL. For more, you'll have to listen yourself from around 19 minutes.